L'arte della Pasta
Tradition and passion for Bolognese cuisine! L'ARTE DELLA PASTA, produces and sell all type of fresh pasta, egg pasta and stuffed pasta, realizing the best tradition recipe's.
Thanks to the careful selection of excellent fresh raw materials, the high-quality standards of production and controlled atmosphere in which the products are packaged Arte della Pasta is able to ensure healthy and wholesome foods to bring the best taste experience in total safety. We use sealed PDO Parmigiano Reggiano 30 months aged and eggs produced by hens ground raised only from Italian livestock.
The passion for cooking and for the Bolognese tradition have led the company to produce high quality fresh pasta combining craftsmanship with technological innovation.
We are distributed in the most qualified places of excellent food, retail, gourmet stores, and exclusive typical restaurants.

We are proud of our products quality and variety of fresh pasta. We are in Bologna City of Food in the great Italian Food Valley and from decades we select the best ingredients of the Bolognese cuisine, from sealed PDO Parmigiano Reggiano 30 months aged, PDO Mortadella Bologna, eggs produced by hens ground raised, selection of the best wheat, semolina and flour. Ricotta mixture of sheep and cow milk and the best herbs and vegetables from the fields around us. We personally know each producer of our ingredients and we combine them all in unique pasta creations thanks to our pasta makers and "sfogline" with more than 30 years of experience. That why we are recognized by the best deli-stores, restaurants and Gourmet Stores in Bologna, Emilia Romagna and Italy. We combine traditional and natural recipes with the last available technology to preserve the quality at the best until the final consumer. We develop also innovative and tailor made products of fresh pasta with the best ingredients of Italian and healthy Mediterranean valuable ingredients, thanks also to the expertise of qualified chefs.
Our product assortment today includes : 16 products of fresh stuffed pasta, 15 of fresh egg pasta, 4 of fresh nettle pasta, 4 of fresh semolina pasta and we prepare also 18 ready to eat pasta and sauces products.
L'ARTE DELLA PASTA Srl - Via Mattei 6/A, 40061 Minerbio (Bo) - Italia - P.IVA 03487331203 - Tel. +39 051 877216 (Ufficio) - +39 051 0337400 (Laboratorio) - info@lartedellapastabologna.com